Friday, June 17, 2016

Dandelion Wishes Bought To You

Anyone know about this game?
Tried playing it and i'm sure you are going to loved it
The game starts with a girl named Heejung (Heroine) that lives alone in a house since she has moved out from her parents house and to impress her mother she has to keep studying to be prefect just like what her mother want basically she is being pressured by her mother. According to her mother if she doesn't get a good grade, she is basically useless since her report card represent her value.
She lives a lonely life but everything changed when she found a big basket with a kitten with bright orange fur (Jiyeon), brown spotted rabbit (Jiwoo), small snow white rabbit ( Jieun), big rabbit with silver fur (Jihae) and black cat (Jisoo)

    Tried playing it but be careful about the bad endings especially about Jihae. I never got his good ending after trying for a few times even though i followed his walkthrough :(

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