Friday, June 17, 2016

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Do you like playing games where you own a store to sell things?
How about games where you can fight and explore dungeons?
If so You have to absolutely play this game since it has both functions in it!
You basically own a store with debts that you have to paid and then buy armors and weapons or even items or foods to display in your store so customers can bought it. By doing this you will gain enough money to pay your debts but it doesn't end here, you can also gain many things by fighting and exploring the dungeons beware the dungeons also have bosses that you need to beat!
You also have notification that tells you that some items can be sold for a high price for example a notification that said metal items price increase or metal items price decrease so use that chance to raise the prices as high as possible. You can also decide to sold the items with it's original price or raised it, you can even lower the prices to suit what your customer want.

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