Friday, October 14, 2016

Being Healed By Love Part I

Warning if you are homophobes, dont read this story since it's basically about yaoi and is'going to contains intimate scenes. Feel free to write your opinion and please correct my mistakes if you found any.

Followers P.O.V
You are the leader that is famous for your reputation of being the strongest boy that beats all the school leaders. But we have noticed that behind your strength, you are just actually an ordinary boy that shown loneliness when someone didn’t noticed.
We have been fighting alongside you and we all have seen how lonely and how deep the pain you kept in your heart. You don’t know that we’ve been following you secretly only to found out your true self that you never show to anyone. The day we saw you cried after your parents ignored you like you didn’t exist was the day that make us vowed to stay by your side for the rest of our life.
And then one day suddenly the news of you trying to kill yourself was what caused us to finally try to find someone that can cure your loneliness and pain and we found that person in the form of Ryou Kitazima the boy that controlled the school known for being the most famous school in the world.

After you try to kill yourself, you changed completely into someone that never show his emotion anymore gone were the day we saw your smile or laugh into this boy that just looks empty but you finally showed a little bit of emotion when you faced Ryou Kitazima after he challenged you and that’s why we decide that he is the right one. Of course, without you knowing we went behind your back to confront Ryou to help us and it ends up with him insulting you that caused us to get kicked after we attacked him for insulting you.
But it was worth it since that day he finally realized what we want when we asked for his help, he noticed how lonely and deep the pain that you kept in your heart after watching you. You don’t even know that we can see the loneliness and the pain that you kept in your eyes that caused Ryou to finally noticed you.

Ryou P.O.V
I was known for being the one that everyone feared controlling the most famous school in the world and also being the heir of a company that was spread around the world basically the most famous school was built by my parents. After defeating many dumb peoples that challenged me, I finally heard a rumor that really interested me.
A rumor of the strongest boy from another school and I can’t accept that since the title of being the strongest one is going to become mine. Going to the rumored school I challenged Yuu Nakagawa since he is the rumored one and when I saw him for the first time, I can’t take my eyes off him, He was a really beautiful boy a delicate being that makes you want to protect him snapping out of it I challenged him. After he accepted my challenge the fight ends with draw, and I was really impressed since it was the first time that someone managed to stand my attacks. I respected him and declared him as my rival to which he ignored.
I changed my mind when his follower come to my school asking for my help and it caused me to insult their leader since Yuu Nakagawa dared to send his followers instead of coming to meet me directly. I called him a cowards and many other curse words that cause his followers to attack me, of course they lost to me but after that I was really curious wanting to know why they want my help.

I found the answer when I started to watch Yuu closer although he try to hides it I saw the loneliness and the pain that he kept in his eyes when I challenged him again. The amount of pain and loneliness that I saw shocked me, it caused me to noticed that Yuu is really weak behind his strength.
And then when I heard the news that Yuu tried to kill himself I finally realized what his followers wants me to do when they asked for my help. They want me to help him to cure his loneliness and pain, I decided to find them and when I said I want to help Yuu they thanked me and said that this is the second time that Yuu try to kill himself again.
When they said that I was really surprised at the knowledge that he have been trying to kill himself and it concerned me. They tell me everything that they know including the fact that he showed an emotion when we fight. I was born in a family that cares about me and showered me with love that I can’t imagine how he feels living in a family that ignored you like you didn’t exist.
As days passed I keep trying to get your attention only for you to ignore and then I succeed when you finally smiled for the first time after my fruitless attempt to gain your attention slowly I also fall for you. It makes me want to protect you to make it so that you will only smile and laugh because your smile is what makes me fall for you.
Since that day I noticed that you slowly lowered your walls towards me and when you start to feel shy around me, it only makes me want to tease you more. My restraint that I try to hold finally snapped when you blushed on top of me after you slipped and trying to catch you I fell down with you laying on top of me.
I leaned up and closed the distance between our lips, you gasp and looked at me with a red face but then you closed your eyes and open your lips which I immediately shove my tongue inside and devoured your lips hungrily swallowing your whimpers and cries. When I was satisfied I pulled away to admire the sight of your dazed red face and swollen lips.

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