Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Les Fleursword (18+) (Finished Playing)

Sinopsis :
Long ago many magicians with mystical powers that no matter what kind of desire they can make it become true live in the Kingdom but because they used their powers to do evil things slowly the towns people hates them. One day, the magicians moved out from the Kingdom and hide deep inside the forest.

Now Let's take a look at the characters :

 Lord Adalaide

The Main character of this game, she is a knight that hides the fact that she is a girl to the towns people causing them to think that she is a man which in fact she is not a man.
She stayed strong despite being cursed to slowly dies by Marlowe in most route because the Kingdom once executed innocent magicians. In Phil and Youfia route she cried and admitted that she is really scared of dying.

Youfia Rangelton

He is also a knight and thinks of Adailade as his rival, if you choose to go to the parade he will show his concern for the heroine by saying that he won't let her die when she said she doesn't mind dying for the Kingdom and will find a way to cure her curse. He slowly admitted that he loves the heroine throughout his route.

Phil Allohi

A book cannot be judged by the cover which resembles Phil here, he is a knight that follows the heroine and looks up to her. He also showed his concern when the heroine was cursed and get really angry when she said that she doesn't mind dying for the Kingdom. He can hateful as shown in the scene in Marlowe prison and he seems to hate the said man, he become really aggressive by pushing the heroine down when she still doesn't know her own feelings even after he confessed to her.


And here is the said magician that curses the heroine to dies slowly, He is a magician that lives in a hidden village full of magician since magicians have been executed after they help the Kingdom with war only to be betrayed by the King because they feared the Magicians power and the heroine father is one of the man involved in the execution of the magicians.
He is an arrogant man or maybe that's only my opinion on him being arrogant but during his route, he started showing his cute side by blushing when he kissed the heroine to give his bodily fluid to her so that she can survive longer  >///<.

I give my ratings for this game 8/10 since the translation caused the whole game to be a mess overall the game itself is really good with a really good graphic and storyline.

So if you overlook the bad translation, you will love this game just like me.

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