Sunday, October 15, 2017

Otome Game I'm Playing Right Now

Well and here it is another otome games that i have been playing

A. Charming Empire

This game tells us about a girl who have to live with her brother and with many people she met, she slowly learns everthing is not what it seems to be.

B. Nightshade

I just finished installing this one so i dont know about this game yet since i haven't played it  but it looks like a really good game with good graphics.

C. Fashoning Miss Lonesome with 18+patch >.<
(This is a really cute and funny game with really good graphics, there are many endings that you can get easily from walkthrough in Steam. I really reccomend you peoples to play this one)

As the name said our Heroine is a girl that is really not confident, her height caused her to become really timid and she never have friends because of her gloomy and timid personality  so when two boys appeared in her life, her life take a drastic change.

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