Friday, February 2, 2018

Charming Empire (Finished Playing)

I just finished playing this game and what i can say is it's a really enjoyable games that tells us about the heroine who become a princess and her relationship with the males she choose

The following is the characters in the game :

A. Toki Tanba

     He is the owner of a cafe in the city and you won't be able to meet him unless you choose his route. The leader of the rebels.

B. Kei Yoshimine

     A captive prince that will be your tutor in his route, looks unfriendly but will become friendlier when you  get to know him.

C. Koichiro Sera

    Your bodyguard and can only be seen if you choose his route seems like he is one of the rebels

D. Soshi Amazaki

    Your brother and the supposed villain in the game although he purposely become villain to protect the city he loves and his sister. I really want to hug him since he doesn't need to shoulder everything.

Overall the story itself is enjoyable and Soshi being the good man he become the scapegoat just to save the country. My score for this one is 10/10 since i really loved the music and the storyline XD

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