Saturday, February 10, 2018

Duplicity ~ Beyond The Lies (Finished Playing)

The story starts with the heroine, Yukina who is a third-year highschool student with a secret. Behind her daily sickly school girl act, she has important job to do. One day, she receives a warning that she is doing her job terribly, and if there is no improvement upon her graduation, she will be fired. She only has six months.

The characters in this game are :

A. Youji Kataoka 

 The heroine boyfriend and also a clone made by Kouichi. He dates Yukina because he made a deal but he slowly loves her and you will know more about him, if you choose his route. His true end showed that he is really possesive or maybe he inherited his personality from Kouichi 😅

B. Kouichi Serizawa
A scientist who creates Youji and the one that told Yukina to spy on Youji. He hides a secret that you will find out throughout his route and he is also sick and died in the end but in his true route it's mentioned that his soul resides in his clone (Youji) since they are from the same DNA

C. ??? (Rei)
You can get his route only if you already complete both Youji and Kouichi love end and also 1 true end. The mysterious boy that will transfer to your school if you are in his route and also my favourite since he is really cute >///<

Overall i will give this game a score of 8/10, well the graphic is good but not good enough sometime i think the characters looks weird 😅. I played this game since i really enjoyed Dupliciy ~Eternal Lies which you can download for free

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