Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Cinderella Phenomenon (Finished Playing)

As The name said the game is based on fairy-tales. The story begins with the retelling of witches, which becomes good and evil after humans hunted them and because of that witches started to cursed people some for good while some for evil. So the heroine (Lucette her default name which you can change) here is a princess with a stone heart, selfish and cold personality and she becames like that because of her mother teachings but one day she was cursed by a witch and from princess she becomes poor. The witches who cursed her told her that to be free from her curses she has to do three good things, oh and her curse is just like the title name which is Cinderella. Can she break her curse? Who will melt her stone heart?

From the left is Karma, Fritz, Waltz, Rumpel and Rod which can you quess is the ML in this game.

 Lets start from our Karma

Karma is actually a prince but he was cursed because he dated a beautiful woman only to dump her just like what he always done to other girls. The beautiful girl is a witch and she cursed her because he broke her heart. His curse is Beauty and The Beast, his bad ending ends with him being stabbed by Lucette with a sword only for her to realized that the wolf she killed is the man she loves.

Now lets go to Fritz

 Fritz is Lucette guard working in the castle and the only who knows she is missing while the other people doesn't remember about out heroine. He is locked in the beginning until you finished two ML paths before you can choose him. By the way his curse is Red Riding Hood,his bad ending ends with him dying protecting Lucette.

Now let's go to Waltz

 Waltz is a witch but he is cursed by another witch which turns him into a young boy while his real self is an adult (which i won't mentioned since it will spoil the game) same like Fritz to choose him you have to finished two ML path too. His curse is Peter Pan, his bad ending ends with Lucette turning into an obedient doll who lost all her emotions and him staying by her side waiting for chance to help her regain her emotions.

Now let's go to Rumpel

Rumpel likes to flirt but he is actually a doctor because of his curse he lost his memories. Because of his personaliy he is judged as immature. His curse is Sleeping Beauty, his bad ending ends with him dying with a sword stabbed into him because of protecting Lucette.

Now The last one is Rod

 Rod is our heroine step brother because his mother married the king. He hates Lucette because she never treats them like her family and her own father which is the king. I choose him immediately since i love cute Ml like him. He is protective but seems like he can't talk. His curse is Little Mermaid so yeah if you got his bad ending he ends up turning into bubbles and dissapeared.

All in all i give this one 10/10 because although it's a free game that you can download without paying, it has an amazing storyline and beautiful graphics. I really recommended people who loves otome games to play this one. 👍

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