Friday, July 27, 2018

Treasure Hunter Claire

So..... this will be my first time posting about R-18+ RPG games >////<

And here it is ...........

Characters :

Claire   : our heroine and the hero choosen by the Goddesss, an energetic and money loving girl

 Yukino : A girl from another world who transferred into this world and found by Claire in the Western Forest. A class rep in her world

Milith : A goth loli and is the owner of clothes store where you can buy many kinds of underwear and clothes for Claire

Lily : A neko thief who was caught by Claire after she tried to steal in the museum

Jessica : Descendant of a fire dragon and met Claire when she was bickering with Raul

Arietta : A pervert woman who loves having sex and dislikes passive men. She gives quests at the quest counter'

Cyrus : A bandit leader and really hates being insult because of his effeminate aura. He will died in the first playthough and will not betrayed you if you complete his effection quest in 2nd playthrough

Leon : A hero and a good and honest young man, he will be with Claire if you got the ending where Cyrus died which is not the true ending

Raul : A demon boy living in the island who loves to sexually harass women causing Claire to be with odds with him since he always sexually harass herand also hates to lose. Rumors are his age is beyond centuries

Dietrich : A disgusting old man and is very rich

My opinion in this game :

Well to be honest i loved it, good graphic and good gameplay but i want Raul to be with Claire TAT for some reason i prefer him rather than Leon maybe because he always bicker with her and in his 5th effection quest on his letter he admits that he likes Claire and wants to be with her. Well still it will be even better if we can see another continuation of this game where she will meet with her friends again after the true ending and if that happens i really 2x hopes that she will end up with Raul

Graphic    : 10/10
Gameplay : 10/10
Plot           : 8/10

I recommend people to play this one, its really good just sad that although this game is from the same creator of Fallen Makina, it doesn't have endings where she will end up married or pregnant.

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